How to Create your own Emotional Wellbeing First Aid Kit.

Chances are you probably have a medical first aid kit tucked away somewhere safe, filled with useful items for a minor medical emergency. And, how might it help you to also have a first aid box filled with items specifically chosen to support you when you are struggling to feel ok, emotionally?

For the past six years, I have found I am spending more time reflecting on my own well-being due to hormonal fluctuations around the time of my period, and perimenopause. It can feel unfair as I wave goodbye to my usually cheerful disposition as fatigue, low mood and a lesser ability to enjoy my normally satisfying life, moves in.

At my worst, you’ll likely find me hiding in my bedroom behind a closed door, wishing I could hide until my stronger more resourceful self is back at the helm…

But, in the bedroom, under a chair, in clear sight and easily accessible, is a beautiful box: My ‘Emotional First Aid Kit’. I slide it out and lift the lid, knowing that the contents can provide me with comfort.

Creating an Emotional Wellbeing First Aid Kit.

This involves putting together a box of sensory items, memory aids and personal objects chosen to provide self-soothing care. Created when you are at your best, to help you when you are feeling emotionally weathered.

For example, in my box, I have:-

💖 A sizeable bunch of dried lavender – I love the smell and find it incredibly calming and relaxing.
💖 A pleasingly cold, smooth pebble with the word ‘Thank you’ inscribed on its surface. (A prompt to explore what thankful thoughts I might be able to access.)
💖 Positive feedback from appreciative clients, art from my children, photos.
💖 A notepad where I have written poetry during past low moods (I sometimes feel drawn to express my harder feelings creatively.)
💖 An empty glass – a cue to ‘go fill me up!’ and stay hydrated.
💖 A letter to myself – kind words of support and wisdom regarding the things I know help me, including friends to call and a support group I can connect with.

This is my box and it is personal to me. I’ll swap things in and out as my understanding of what helps, changes.

What would you put in your box?


Best wishes,

High Peak Life Coach

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