Five Tips to Banish the Post Summer Blues

By Sandie Shaw


Summer is a season the majority of us Brits are always sad to bid farewell.  It’s the warmth and the extra daylight that makes getting out in our stunning country such a joy.  BBQ’s, garden parties, farmers markets, country shows, sunny beer gardens, trips to the beach and picnics by the river are just some of the delights we will have enjoyed over past months, and as autumn makes its presence known, it’s no surprise that some of us may start to feel fed-up.

The light fades, the temperatures dip, the green leaves fade and drop and our sandals disappear under a pile of waterproof shoes and muddy boots again till next year – Boooo.

But, with summer still fresh in our thoughts and the suns energy still lingering in our bodies and minds, lets turn our attention to keeping our spirits UP this Autumn. Lets shake off those seasonal blues, like a dog shakes off a summer shower.

My Five Tips for Beating the Post Summer Blues.

 1. Don’t be too quick to put summer behind you. Slow the transition down by extending summer till you’re good and ready to say goodbye.  Throw another BBQ, (so what if you have to take shelter under a gazebo!), there’s still plenty of summer food and drink available, still plenty of fresh mint for a Pimms and those outdoor lights and chimineas will look even more delightful against a darker evening sky.

2. Take time to reminisce about your summer antics, to feel grateful for the fun you’ve had with your friends or family and share your summer snaps with those involved.   Photos are one of our greatest memory triggers; you’ll instantly recall those precious moments when the summers warmth wrapped around you and lifted your body and your mind.  Add your summer snaps to your computer desktop, to the screen saver on your phone and get copies printed off to display around your home.

3. Start planning your next day-trip and some enjoyable things to do this autumn.  Autumn is a such a beautiful time of year, all those stunning golden brown colours in the landscape; it’s a particularly great time for woodland and forest walks. So pack a flask and a brolly and go kick up some autumn leaves. Cinemas, Art Galleries, Spa’s, Museums, Heritage Centre’s, Country Houses, Concert Halls, Coffee Shops and Theatre’s are all welcoming, vibrant places to visit when the rain can pour down and it matters not a jot.

4. If your moods dips on a particularly dreary evening when you have nothing much to do, see if you can turn your thoughts outwards to those members of our community who might be more apprehensive about the darker evenings than you. Perhaps you know someone who finds it difficult to get out and about at the best of times?  Maybe a reassuring chat over a cup of tea would really make their day.  Most of us are now aware of the beneficial act of ‘giving something back’ and the positive effect it can have on both parties involved. Why not inquire at your local volunteer centre to see if there are any interesting projects happening locally which you could get involved with? Or, organise a coffee morning or a catch up with friends you haven’t seen in a while. Its possible that they’re feeling the post summer blues too, and would love to hear from you.

5. And finally, when you’re feeling low – take extra good care of yourself.  Most people will experience feeling fed-up at some point at this time of year, and if you do, it’s particularly important to take good care of yourself.  Eat well; plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables and avoid skipping meals or opting for less energising comfort foods.  Take time to exercise; yoga and pilate’s are great exercise when you don’t feel high energy, although some uplifting music and aerobic exercise might be just what you need.  Get plenty of fresh air, sleep, rest and relaxation and if your mood still doesn’t improve, then please do seek out a friend or professional person to talk to about it, or speak to your GP.

Sandie x 

Be grateful for your good moods and graceful with your low moods.~ unknown