What is Life Coaching?

Life Coaching is the practice of supporting you to create and start living a more fulfilling life. By helping you to achieve specific goals, my aim is to put you back in control of your life and assist you to achieve clarity, certainty and positive outcomes whilst we work through whatever issues are holding you back.

Life Coaching takes in to account all aspects of your life, often covering topics such as Career, Relationships, Health, Hobbies, Finances, Friends, Family and Fun. Life Coaching is often referred to as ‘whole person coaching’ as Life Coaches are concerned with their clients’ ‘whole life experience’.

The term ‘Coaching’ literally means to transport someone from one place to another. In life coaching, the mode of transport is a meaningful conversation between the coach and the client, which will gently challenge the client in order to create new ways of thinking. Life Coaching keeps you moving forward.

What Does a Life Coach do?

Here at High Peak Life Coaching, I use a wide variety of coaching tools and interventions which help my clients to move forward. As your life coach, I will help you to identify and achieve your goals, building your confidence and self-esteem along the way and ensuring you move forward towards greater life satisfaction and personal success.

In practice, coaching is a two-way confidential and non-judgemental conversation entirely focused on you and your life. It is through dialogue – my gentle, probing questions and your thoughtful analysis and decision-making, that positive change occurs; first in the mind, enabling decisive moments which will directly influence your actions and behaviour in your day to day life.

Life Coaching can take place either face to face, via Zoom or over the telephone.

Is Life Coaching for Me?

Are you feeling frustrated, overwhelmed or disillusioned with your day to day life? Then, yes, Life Coaching can help you. If you lack confidence in yourself or your capabilities, then Life Coaching is for you, too. If procrastination, lack of direction, poor time management or poor work-life balance are holding you back from a happier life, then these issues can be resolved with my help. If, on the other hand, you are already successful, confident and ambitious and wise to the fact that self-development is always a good investment, then working with me will ensure you take time to enjoy your success whilst staying at the top of your game and operating from the peak of your potential when it matters the most.

What Life Coaching is Not…

Life Coaching is not therapy or counselling. If you are experiencing difficulties due to a traumatic event that happened in the recent or distant past, then it is best to speak first with a doctor or a therapist to accertain whether you are ready for coaching. A counsellor or therapist is trained to support you in coming to terms with your past and may be better able to support you at this time. Life Coaching is future focused and helps to identify future goals – exploring your strengths and managing your weaknesses in relation to your goals and encourages you to take positive action today for a brighter tomorrow. 

Coaching is not:

Structured Training
Therapy, psychoanalysis, psychotherapy or CBT
And importantly, it is not someone else solving your problems for you and telling you what they think you should do.

Coaching aims to facilitate your ability to find your own pathways. 

How Much Life Coaching Will I Need?

Coaching sessions are normally 1 hour in duration, however, longer appointments can be arranged as necessary.

The frequency of your coaching sessions is decided by you, although I highly recommend weekly or fortnightly appointments. The duration of the coaching relationship is also decided by you – this can vary enormously depending upon the complexity of your  circumstances and your personal goals. Some people find that six-session is adequate time for them to make a positive difference in their lives, others may take longer. We can discuss this further during our initial coaching conversation.

Six 1 hour coaching sessions are the minimum commitment I need from you for a successful Life Coaching experience. Further sessions can be arranged on a pay as you go basis, allowing you to be in control of your coaching experience and to decide when you no longer need my assistance.

Why Choose High Peak Life Coaching?

Why hire me, Sandie Norbon-Shaw at High Peak Life Coaching? Well, I consider myself to be a well-rounded person who successfully balances work with being a full-time Mum of two, has a University Degree, has travelled the world alone for two years, has worked for six years in a busy and demanding corporate environment and having coached people since 2006, I now run my own coaching practice. I believe the ups and downs of my own life and the lives and challenges of the very many clients I have supported over the last 14 years, has given me a good perspective of the challenges people face in the world today.

Coaching people to maximise their potential in life is an absolute passion for me. I practice what I preach and constantly find ways to advance my coaching credentials and personal insight so I can be of greater assistance to my clients. A recent Emotional Intelligence assessment indicated that I have a very high level of Emotional Intelligence (EQ), which is an essential component in developing people and productive relationships.

My clients tell me that I am warm, supportive, empathetic, knowledgeable and encouraging. I believe that it is these natural and developed strengths that enable me to build trusting relationships quickly with my clients, allowing me to support them yet challenge them and provide feedback in a productive, positive and solution focused way.

I feel privileged to have helped so many people transform their lives, both personally and professionally, and I now look forward to working with you.

Life Coach: Qualifications

Life Coaching

Career & Career Transition Coaching

Stress Management Diploma, Mindset Coaching & NLP

Positive Psychology Coaching (PPCP)

One-to-One Coaching
Zoom Coaching
Telephone Coaching

I can't tell you how much I have enjoyed the sessions and how much I have learnt from them.  You've given me such valuable skills that I will have for the rest of my life and I really can't thank you enough for that.
I quickly became aware of my personality, my needs, my interests and my desires, and soon I discovered what makes me tick and my ideal career became very clear. I'm now training and volunteering to get the skills and experience to follow my dream!!
Just like to say thank you so much for guiding me in the right direction. I had become very dissatisfied with my life. And after coming to see you for 6 weeks I now feel I have taken control again and I'm heading up the right path. 


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