Slo-Mo your Day! Enjoy life even when you’re too busy


I glanced out of the kitchen window one morning to witness a magnificent Tawny owl swooping down and landing on our lawn. It gracefully stretched out its beautiful wings, ruffled its feathers and took flight, low, across the full length of our garden. It was a magical moment and it seemed to happen in slow motion; mere seconds felt like 5 minutes as I stood there in amazement watching it disappear into the horizon. It was a beautiful start to my day.

Have you noticed that when you’re in a rush, nothing seems to move fast enough? The person in front is walking too slowly; the queue is taking too long! Whereas, when we experience a moment of joy it has the reverse effect on our perception of time. How do you feel when holding a newborn baby, stroking a friendly dog, or taking in the fragrance of a beautiful rose? Time melts away.

Dr. Cassie Homes, a speaker at #WOHASU2023 & The World Happiness Summit which I attended recently, author of ‘Happier Hour’,  shared with us a wealth of time-related research. It will come as no surprise that when we feel rushed, we are more likely to:-

– Delay going to the doctor/health visits
– Choose fast foods over healthier options
– And, it makes us less ‘nice’ people. 

But if we invest what time we have wisely, on the things that matter most, even if it’s a short block of our time, we can reverse the impact: feel better, do better and be nicer.  In my opinion, a small amount of time well spent can have a ‘slo-mo’ effect on your day and your time. You feel happier, more effective, more confident; better able to meet the challenges of the day. You feel good and all of a sudden – time feels less limited.

“When it comes to time for happiness, it’s not about quantity, and having more. It’s about quality – how we invest what we have”.

Q. What can you do today, with just 15 minutes of your time, that makes you feel most happy, cared for, or caring?

‘Happier Hour’ provides advice on how small changes can have an enormous impact. If this resonates, order your copy from the library today.

Or, call for a chat about how I can help you with your well-being goals. 💞

With you for your happiness AND success, Sandie ⭐