How to Use the Wheel of Life tool to Create Work-Life Balance.

The ‘Wheel of Life’ is a simple but useful coaching tool that I often use with my clients to help us visualise all the important areas of their life at once. We then allocate each area a score out of 10 in terms of how satisfied they are in each area. It allows us both to get a “bird’s eye” view of how balanced their life is at the present moment, where challenges are felt strongest, and where there is a desire for positive change. The wheel represents a wheel on a metaphoric bike and the idea is that we can determine how balanced we feel our life is.

How smooth and joyous is your ride?

Categories on the wheel generally include the following life areas but are unique to you, the individual.

Topics include:- Relationships, Family, Friends, Social Life, Home, Community, Work, Finances, Hobbies, Fun, Health, etc.

In addition to this wheel, which can provide us with a sense of direction as we determine how we will improve our scores, I am also paying considerable attention to what is going on with the second metaphoric ‘wheel on the bike’.

This wheel for me represents the source of energy that is required to propel the bike into motion in the direction that the client wishes to go. This wheel could be made up of the following categories:-

– Motivation
– Confidence
– Resilience
– Character Strengths
– Skills and Knowledge
– Adaptability
– Self Care / Well-being / Sleep
– Perseverance
– Communication Style
– Beliefs
– Encouragement – towards self and from others
– Positivity

When it comes to how we experience the inevitable up and downs of life, the ‘full human experience’, all of these factors will come into play. And when we have a high degree of self-awareness in terms of these areas, it can help us to put our best foot forward, get unstuck more easily and go on to harness our strengths and our potential as we get on the right track.

Why not grab yourself a pen and paper and create your own Wheel diagram, depending on whether you want to assess your Wheel of Life or your Wheel of Inner Development?

Let me know how you get on in the comments, it would be great to hear from you.


Best wishes,

High Peak Life Coach

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