Get ready for your BEST YEAR YET!!

By Sandie Shaw


As we leap into a brand new year, now is the perfect time to reflect on the year gone by, on what you have accomplished and how you have grown, and to feel excitement for the year ahead and it’s promise of new beginnings! A new year is like a blank canvas upon which we can create a masterpiece.

May be you’ve had the most wonderful 2015 and you would like 2016 to be just the same with only a few minor changes? 


Perhaps you’d like to take some aspects of the past year forward with you into the next, but leave some things behind you so you can focus fully on new endeavours? Take those silver linings and leave the clouds back in 2015…

Or, may be the prospect of another year, no different to the last, fills you with dread?! … Please keep reading.

Whatever the case maybe, lets remember that as the saying goes: ‘We are here for a good time, not a long time.’  This new year I would like you to give yourself the gift of some personal time, just for you. Half an hour or an hour to turn your attention inwards, to think upon the year gone by, all its triumphs and disasters, and to meditate on the following four questions that might help you set the tone for a great year to come:-
1) What was the highlight of 2015 for you? What worked really well, that you wish to take forward and experience more of in the year a head?  Write it down and take time to understand ‘how’ you created this in your life, and give yourself a pat on the back or a hug of appreciation for making it happen. Well done you.
2) What were you tolerating and putting up with, from yourself or from anyone else, that you would like to deal with differently in 2016? ‘If you always do what you’ve always done, you will always get what you’ve always got!’. If this is not what you want for your year ahead, remember that different belief’s, actions and behaviours will yield different results. What would you like to tackle differently in the year ahead? What do you need to believe in order for that to happen?  What are you going to work on, for a great 2016?
 3) What really must STOP or GO in order for you to START living your best year yet? Decisions are powerful. A simple but certain ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ can transform your life beyond your wildest dreams.
4) Finally, what do you want to create and experience in 2016 that is fresh, inspiring and new for you? Something exciting that could elevate you and your life and enthusiasm to the next level?  Don’t be shy, what would you go for if you knew couldn’t fail to succeed?
Success in life is within everyone’s grasp. Success can be your personal habit –  it is learned behaviour that consists of reflection & evaluation, creative thinking, decision making and positive steps in the right direction. And, all it takes to get started is a willingness to work at it, be curious, be resilient and be determined to grow, to develop and to reach your full potential. You deserve to shine.
No matter how tricky your situation may be, or how illusionary your masterpiece may seem, somewhere, someone just like you found a way forward, and in their success, left clues for you to discover, so you can do it too!

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Very best wishes,

Sandie Norbron-Shaw