The Heliotropic Effect in Your Life: Are you Leaning Towards the Light?


There is something not quite right about the orchid in the photo above. I believe it has been turned towards the camera to make for a better photo. I’ve had a similar orchid in my kitchen window for many years and it’s pretty petals will mostly all face towards the glass; heads tilted towards the strongest source of natural light – the sun, until I turn mine around to face the room, too.

This tendency to face towards a positive source of energy is known as the Heliotropic Effect. Heliotropic simply means, turning or growing towards the light. Every living system has a heliotropic tendency. As humans, it is natural for us to want to find the most beneficial conditions for our growth.

The relationship is a symbiotic experience of course. Just as the bees enjoy and thrive on warm nectar, in doing so they become pollinators and supports the ecosystem at large. And similarly, when a person is flourishing, they will often become a positive influence on those around them.

When things get dark, we will say ‘but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel’.
When things have been hard we will say ‘but I can see a silver-lining’
And when we are looking for answers, we ‘shine a light on the situation’. 

Often, when clients come to me for coaching, it is because they are struggling to find the best way forward. I see it as an important part of my role to cultivate an encouraging professional relationship  as a source of energy for my clients,  to help as they explore new goals.

I always aim to provide a relaxing space where conditions are conducive for a high quality conversation that is important and worth having. And by focusing the light on what you want and need and by asking questions that deepen understanding and awareness of your strengths and potential to influence change, my aim is to help my clients move in a heliotropic fashion so you can flourish too.

Now think of your own life. Where is positive energy available to you? Does it come from your…


You will know, because thinking about it feels good!

And if ever you get stuck, on any level, perhaps consider some new (or old) ways to reconnect with activities that have a tendency to inspire you and open your mind. Positive energy might be reignited whilst being with certain friends, from a certain place or location, from a  books or a piece of music. Simply put, if it lights you up, opens your mind and inspires you,  it could also help you work out how to go and grow beyond your current sticking point.