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It’s increasingly common for people to switch jobs multiple times throughout their careers, often due to a mismatch between an individuals personal interests and values and the values of the field, organisation or department. This disconnect can lead to feelings of frustration, bitterness, and even depression.

While general career advice may have been sought in the past, career coaching takes a more personalised approach. It involves exploring your strengths and passions in relation to your current role, while also exploring your core values and purpose. By realigning your career with what matters most to you, you can begin explore your options and begin shifting towards a more fulfillment working life, which can bring about opportunities for greater achievement as well as greater workplace wellbeing.


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For Career Change or Realignment

At some point in our working lives many of us feel we’re in the wrong job but we’re not sure where to turn. The fear of losing the familiarity and security of what we’re doing now outweighs the uncertainty around what we might gain from finding a more meaningful career.

Career Coaching encourages you to develop greater self-awareness, to think about your values, strengths, skills and pleasures so that you can identify what work, roles and organisations best aligns with who you are and what you enjoy. It also offers the opportunity to think about how you want to contribute to the workforce and wider society.

Working with me, you’ll have the freedom to explore what really excites and inspires you and develop a clear understanding of how that could translate into a career where you can see your strengths, values and interests unite and you can live a more fulfilling and meaningful life.

Once you know where you want to go or how you want your role to change, I’ll provide the support you need to turn your resolve and determination into the actions necessary to get you there.

Take your Career to the next Level

Career coaching can help you clarify what you want from your job and explore what is needed in order for your to get more of what you want. It helps you work our what is working and what is not and set about creating an action plan to boost your career. As your coach I will hold your (metaphoric) ladder steady; help you aim higher, remind you of your strength and help you stay on track.

Consider these questions:


If any of your answers are yes, then Career Coaching could help you.

What my coachees say

Sandie's open-minded and non-judgemental approach to coaching allowed me to identify and reassess my strengths and weaknesses which had become watered down and blurred over the years. Sandie's collaborative and open-minded approach along with an ability to spot and identify themes through open conversation was a great experience. I would highly recommend Sandie's services to anyone looking to better understand themselves be it in work or in personal life and put a structure in place to make changes to their life. Thank you Sandie, it's been an insightful and beneficial experience.
This has enabled me to prepare for interviews with a greater understanding of what is important to me and the confidence to discuss this in the interview. This resulted in an offer and Sandie has subsequently helped me to prepare to start my new role with confidence and clarity.
High Peak
I knew the limitations of coaching given my tight deadline, however, I am ASTOUNDED by how much clarity I have achieved and how far I have come mentally in just two sessions!
The support you provided over the last few months has been invaluable to getting me to where I needed to be, securing two positions and getting several interviews! Thank you Sandie.

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