Career discovery coaching

The workplace has changed significantly over the years and these days it’s not uncommon for a person to change jobs as often as ten times over a lifetime – sometimes swapping one unsatisfactory job for another. Often people find that their work does not tap into their passions and does not utilise the key strengths they most enjoy using. People become bored, demotivated and frustrated as they don’t value nor enjoy what they are doing. Just because you are good at something, doesn’t mean it’s going to make you happy.

Career coaching helps clients to discover more about themselves including their values, strengths, skills and pleasures. It offers the opportunity to discover how they do want to contribute to the workforce and helps them to align their job, career path or retirement towards a more fulfilling life.

It’s true to say, ‘To please yourself, you must know yourself’. Career discovery coaching can help you raise your level of self-awareness so you can navigate towards roles that are going to excite you, which can become an extension of your true self.

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Stress management

Everyone responds differently to stress. When the pressure is on, some people thrive and become incredibly productive, where others feel overwhelmed by the pressure and experience several negative symptoms. We all have our strengths and weaknesses – some people are brilliant at handling conflict at work yet may fall to pieces when family problems arise at home. Others get a thrill from adrenalin fuelled activities and whilst many would have nightmares at the prospect of public speaking. Whether it’s at work, home, in your personal life or social life, if stress is taking it’s toll, taking control of the situation and implementing stress reducing disciplines is the best way to avoid suffering the long-term consequences of chronic stress.

However, as stress-related problems such as heart disease, high blood pressure, obesity, digestive dysfunctions, anxiety and depression cause a huge strain on the NHS, it would appear that many people take a remedial approach to stress rather than a preventative one and only tend to seek help when they are already in the grip of it.

Working with me as your Stress Management Consultant can help you in several ways. I will support you in understanding how stress is affecting you and then help you to restore calm through the application of stress reduction techniques suitable for your type of stress. Once you feel more relaxed and resourceful we can then take the next step towards addressing the main conflicts in your life.

The first step is to book yourself in for a Stress Management Coaching Session. At your first appointment, we will work through a Stress Inventory together and shine a light on the main causes. Many times people underestimate just how many stressful triggers occur in their day to which they are forced to adjust. Once you are aware of your triggers and how your mind and body respond to them (your stress response), you can learn to adapt your response and begin experiencing more calm in your life.

Be assured that you can learn how to relax and you can improve your personal and professional circumstances.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Neuro-Linguistic Programming, or NLP for short, is the ongoing and fast developing study of human excellence.

NLP looks at the dynamics between mind and body (neuro), your language and communication (linguistic) and how their interplay (programming) becomes your behaviour. It also allows us to look at the dynamic between the mind and body of highly successful individuals in order to model these behaviours and produce outstanding results for ourselves.

In the coaching practice, NLP is a collection of powerful change management tools which will enable us to monitor and adapt the way you think, act and communicate in order to get better results in all areas of your life.

Working with me as your Practitioner will help you break free from negative thought patterns and behaviours and help you to develop more useful inner beliefs about yourself and your world.

”Whether you think you can, or think you can’t, you’re right.” – Henry Ford

As a fully qualified NLP practitioner I am also able to draw on an array of NLP tools at times when you are ‘getting in your own way’, most particularly when you are experiencing one or more of the following:

Low confidence
Negative thinking
Bad habits
Limiting beliefs
Lack of motivation

Using NLP at times like these enables us to resolve issues quickly, responsibly and effectively.

Being an NLP practitioner means I am better able to understand you, the way you think and the way you behave. I will be able to help you to identify your strengths and weaknesses and then together we can create for you a personalised strategy that will ensure the success of your coaching goals and objectives.

One-on-One Coaching
Skype Coaching
Telephone Coaching

I have been working on my personal growth for many years and lately I have focused on de-stressing, my personal effectiveness and getting rid of a particular undermining mindset. I’m experiencing a lot of considerable changes in my life but Sandie is gifted at understanding the exact essence of what I am experiencing. Her approach was exactly right for me and fitted me inside out, as well as the NLP exercises she chose to use with me. I was impressed how far we got in 6 sessions. Some things just clicked and have been working for me ever since. I will call on her skills again when I feel the need for some extra support.
I have worked with Sandie for a couple of months as a client. She forms an instant rapport and has a business like approach that I value. She is a great listener and knows when to talk and when to remain silent. I look forward to my coaching sessions with Sandie. She helps me to increase my awareness of options and to decide on my best option. She is punctual and I feel I have her constant attention. I would unreservedly recommend her to anyone who would like a supportive friend to help them work through almost any issue. She is personable with high integrity and has helped me achieve some great results.
Peter Hirst
Small Business Coach
I was struggling in my interviews mainly due to nerves. This was having a knock on effect on what I was saying and how I was saying it. I decided to get help, and Sandie was able to take me on at short notice. Even after the initial session, I found my self-confidence increasing and learnt effective tips for the delivery of my answers. I found it incredibly easy to connect with Sandie and it was no coincidence that I later got a job offer from an Investment Bank. I would highly recommend her help.
Economics & Finance Graduate
Dear Sandie, thank you so much for all support, you have opened my eyes to new possibilities and given me the confidence to get out there and achieve my goals. Not only have you helped me with my career; you have also helped me move forward with my personal life. I am so full of energy, drive and enthusiasm now that I know I will succeed at both – I already am! Thanks again for all your help
Coached On Setting Up Small Business
I have never experienced life coaching before and at the first session the whole process was positioned very clearly. I found the sessions to be really helpful and Sandie very supportive in helping me to set goals and work towards them. I definately benefitted from the experience and would seek further coaching in the future with Sandie should I feel I need further support. Many thanks.
HR Manager
If you’re looking for a coach, but maybe you’re a bit unsure, my advice would be to give Sandie a call, you won’t regret it. I always recommend High peak Life Coaching to anyone looking to move forward with their life as my experience with Sandie has most definitely helped me do just that. Sandie, I would like to wish you the very best of luck with your future and thank you again for all your help, support and continued enthusiasm.
Employment King
Career Development Professional
Before meeting Sandie I wanted significant improvements in many areas of my life. Only 2 months ago life was overwhelming and I had no idea how to improve it myself or which way to turn. I was immediately shown how to select the areas of most importance to me by using simple techniques and quickly became aware of my personality, my needs, my interests and my desires, and soon I discovered what makes me tick in terms of career and interests, and my ideal career became very clear. I am now training and doing voluntary work in order to gain the skills and experience needed to follow my dream!!! It is great to now have clarity of thought and a clear vision of my ultimate goal. I am much more confident about myself, and my future, and am already well on my way to getting where I want to be. A big thank you to you, Sandie!
Coached On Finding Her True Calling And Turning It Into Her New Career
I can’t tell you how much I’ve enjoyed the coaching sessions and how much I have learnt from them. You’ve given me such valuable skills that I’ll have for the rest of my life and I really can’t thank you enough for that. From the moment that I read your website I felt as though I would be able to connect with you and that certainly proved to be correct. I think that everyone should have a Sandie in their life. I think you’re absolutely fantastic!
When I first spoke to Sandie I was generally dissatisfied with many aspects of my life. It was difficult to establish what area to focus on first as all areas seemed to need attention. Sandie was very patient in understand my concerns with each area of my life. I found her questioning very clever and thought provoking. Her listening skills were excellent and we successfully managed to figure out what areas needed looking at as priority. I found the sessions very interesting and useful in actually getting me to spend time thinking about me. I now feel a lot less stressed out about things in general. I have made some really positive steps towards improvement and have learnt some useful techniques to assist me in continuing to develop my life for the better. Thank you Sandie.
Personal Assistant
Just like to say thank you so much for guiding me in the right direction. I had become very dissatisfied with my life! And after coming to see you for 6 weeks I now feel I have taken control again and I’m heading down the right path.
A. Senior


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Please note:
It is my recommendation that whilst a small number of coaching sessions can produce excellent results, you should look to undertake a minimum of 4 sessions to fully benefit from our coaching relationship.

At least 24 hours notice is required for session cancellations, otherwise, unfortunately I will need to charge for my time and the missed session at my standard rate.

Payment by Cash or Bank Transfer. Please contact High Peak Life Coaching or see you invoice for payment details.

Continuing Personal Development:
If you are self employed coaching can be counted as Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for taxation purposes.

Some employers will consider paying for employees to attend coaching sessions as part of CPD and wellbeing programmes – it is always worth speaking to your manager or HR team as coaching can have a positive impact on productivity and staff retention.

All information shared between me and my clients will be held in strictest confidence. Any notes taken will be held in private files, accessible only by me, and paper notes will be kept in a locked filing cabinet in my home office.


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