Self Efficacy and its Role in Goal Achievement.

Psychologist Albert Bandura defined self-efficacy as a “person’s particular set of beliefs that determine how well one can execute a plan of action” (Bandura, 1977). Self-efficacy is our ‘beliefs’ in relation to our capability to achieve successful task-specific outcomes.

Our self-efficacy plays an important role when it comes to how we approach our goals.

People with low self-efficacy:-

– Avoid difficult tasks
– Don’t trust their skills and capabilities
– Fear failure
– Quickly lose confidence in their ability
– Experience low motivation
– Develop a fixed mindset (Don’t believe things can change.)

People with high self-efficacy:-

💫 Foster curiosity and interest in their own personal development
💫 Are willing to explore new ideas and try new things
💫 Enjoy the opportunity to learn new skills, develop their strengths and learn from others
💫 View failure as feedback
💫 Recover well from disappointments
💫 Feel positive and motivated
💫 Have a growth mindset (Nothing is set in stone; with effort, things can change.)

How can we develop our levels of self-efficacy?

Bandura identified four major sources:-

1. Mastering Experience – Developing our skills in pursuit of our goals.

2. Social Modelling – Learning from observing others’ efforts and successes.

3. Social Persuasion – Being exposed to positive encouragement and feedback from others.

4. Psychological Responses – our ability to influence our moods and emotional states, such as reducing stress and increasing positivity.

❔How could you incorporate Bandura’s self-efficacy theory into your own ability to achieve your goals?

Here are a few ideas to add to your own.:-

1. Keep a learning log to monitor your progress. Celebrate major and minor wins!

2. Look for role models – Blogs, support groups, autobiographies, people you know – success leaves clues.

3. Spend time with people who provide positive encouragement

4. Look after your wellbeing – rest, relax, and create space to re-energise and regulate your emotions.

💥 And always remember, your WORTH is never a reflection of your achievements. YOU matter most, our goals are just things we do.❤️

With you, for your wellbeing, positivity and personal success.

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